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Interview with Edward Levinson for "Whisper of the Land"

"The Land Whisperer: An Interview with Edward Levinson"

The current Nov. - Dec. 2015 issue of Japan SPOTLIGHT, the magazine published by the Japan Economic Foundation, has a lengthy interview with me in English. Done in my natural conversational voice, the interview covers a wide range of subjects including my way of living, pinhole photography, my haiku and book, and my thoughts on Japanese culture. Its illustrated with 4 of my photos and a profile shot of me.

————The interview PDF is posted here —————

with permission from "Economy, Culture & History Japan SPOTLIGHT Bimonthly".
Issue number: “Japan Spotlight (November-December Issue No. 204”)
Page numbers: “Page 48-52”
Publisher: Japan Economic Foundation

Click here to read the interview in PDF form on this site. (courtesy of Japan Economic Foundation)
(On an IPad best to read the PDF vertically!)

interview JEF clip

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Japan Economic Foundation(一般財団法人 国際経済交流財団)の「Japan SPOTLIGHT」と言う雑誌の最新刊11-12月に、私が語った長いインタビューを掲載しています。いつもの会話の言葉で、幅色いトピック--生き方、ピンホール写真、俳句、本、そして日本の文化についての私の考えを語りました。英語だけですが、読んでみて下さい。私の撮影写真と、私のプロフィール写真が載っています。このサイト、ここで読めます。 

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